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Los Angeles Cash for Gold - sell gold locally

LA Cash for Gold is a gold buyer in Los Angeles California that deals direct with the public selling gold. We are transparent and authentic in offering a fair percentage of the daily gold stock market quote, seventy percent. We have established a professional reputation, and turn around your gold directly to be refined locally and re-used. Our goal is to take the confusion out of selling gold, silver, and platinum and that is why we show you our prices up front so you get a better idea before coming in. There is no better place to sell gold in LA!
There are a lot of great reasons to your sell gold jewelry and gold scrap, there are also a lot of places that can buy gold. In fact, anyone with some type of jewelry industry connection has done it. What they do is buy your gold and re-sell it, either as second-hand jewelry or melted bars. Thats fine, but those businesses and individuals are only middlemen and incapable of offering a service such as ours.


Selling gold? We will give you the information you need!

When you bring your old jewelry and scrap gold to us we will digitally test it for purity and karat right in front of you. Our machines are expensive and precise allowing you, the customer, to see a readout on each and every piece we test. Keep in mind all gold used in jewelry contains alloy metals, if jewelry were made from pure gold it would not hold its shape very long. This also means that sometimes jewelry makers that stamp gold 14kt may not be true 14kt but a lower karat of 13 or less.
After testing, we weigh each karat group digitally in front of you and pay out according to those two aspects in either cash or check depending on preference and amount.